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Technology Forecasting and Scenario Building, Workshops on Humanistic Technology & Meditation, Advisory on Future Competence Development   


Executive Coaching for individuals with an impact agenda. 



Mind masonry.

Future technology in
Present state


What remains certain in the future, whether in business or in personal life, is change. Despite change not being something new, what is new is the speed of change that is flooding the world. Technological development and global interconnectivity are building up a wave of uncertainty and change with accelerating momentum – it will never be slower than today.


The good news is that the world is waking up and we are starting to take responsibility of our finite planet and each other, the bad news is that as individuals we might be building up a debt that no future generation can pay off. The debt of information obesity and cognitive overload. Our ancient brain did not evolve at the same pace as our high-tech world and the abundance of information can have devastating effects on our being. We become reactive instead of proactive, fearful instead of fear-free, impulsive and unconscious instead of calm and conscious. Still, there is hope, learn how to surf the wave of uncertainty and turn technological threats into profound life-enhancing opportunities for the masses.


tedx: Navigating digitalmindfulness.



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Do you recall the silence? The quietness? The pause? Do you remember the time before the internet? If you do, you are part of a generation going extinct.


If you do not, know that there are valuable lessons to be learned from a world offline.


When information is free, it is our attention that becomes costly.


Be mindful of your investments.

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