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My name is Alexander Avanth, I am a Spiritual Technologist. On technology, I am a specialist in technology forecasting, advocate for future competence development and international speaker on the impact of exponential technology.


On spirituality, I am a TEDx speaker, an Ordained Buddhist Monk and passionately curious the human condition in an increasingly tech-driven world. I pursue both areas vigorously, Science (and Technology) as the pursuit of truth, and Spirituality as the pursuit of meaning. Read my latest thoughts on these subjects and passions in my blog.



What I can do for you:


  • I help businesses reconfigure for future uncertainty, engineer well-being-based product design, and advocate for digital transformation.

  • Book me for keynotes on Digital Mindfulness or to get smarter on what is next on the accelerating S-curve of technology. 

  • For individuals, I offer 'Press-Pause-Spiritual-Guidance' and founder mentorship on 'How to Scale your Business with your Being'. I offer limited pro-bono guidance and meditation sessions for students. You are always welcome to contact me with, questions or concerns you have that relates to business, personal life or sense-making.


I cannot promise to be the solution to all of your problems, but I can promise to offer you a different perspective and changing the perspective changes the problem.


you are reading this text with the most advanced technology currently known to man. I am not talking about your computer or smartphone, I am talking about you.


The human body is a fine-tuned well-calibrated bionic shell, and the mind is the result of millions of years development in wetware technology.

However, one mission-critical component remains uncharted territory AND IS FOREVER BATTLING FOR CONTROL OF YOUR BODY AND MIND. what RESTS IN THE BACK of YOUR EYES – consciousness.