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Thinking too much and expressing too little changes nothing. Today it stops.

April 15, 2018


Let your thoughts pour and mind flow into the fountain of wisdom and offer it to others to drink from.


This is officially blog #1


I’ll spare you the formalities for now, but you can read about who I am in the about and on my LinkedIn. This blog is for straight to the point topics so let us get to it.


Overthinking coupled with vivid imagination, childish creativity and abstract fantasy is a toxic cocktail if you do not get to express it. At least it has been for me. Staying in your head does not solve real world problems, however staying in your head can easily create real world problems. 


This is why I started Avanth.io. I made this website and blog me to vent out my thoughts and to freely express my ideas and concerns. Think of this blog as a museum of the inside of my head, free to all and welcoming of every critic and fan.


In this blog you will find:


- My thoughts and speculations of current and future technologies and its impact on the way we work and live. We live during the most exciting times in human history, and the culprit for the excitement is technology. Still, new technologies, business models and inventions are on the rise and I do my best to stay on top. I call my technology findings #TruffleTech as they might be small things, but they will leave a big impact.


- Spirituality, neuroscience, meditation and Buddhism, because it just matters more than anything. I am proud to have been brought up with a mother who believes in the Buddhist values and I've chosen to honor that path not in a religious way, but in my own way which dovetails the philosophy of the Buddha, technology and modern values. I am especially curious in exploring how our changing environment alters our spiritual compass.

What makes sense today is nonsense tomorrow, and all that arises shall fade away.


- Stories from my life. This is where it gets personal, but honest. The reason I chose to share these is my wish for you to learn from my mistakes, learnings and opportunities. I have been grateful for the people in my life who has chosen to share with me simple personal stories that has left me in awe, motivated and inspired.


I will also love to hear your requests and questions. What would you like me to think about and transcribe for you? What technology boggles your mind?


My mind is a mosaic and I always welcome new pieces of colorful glass.







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